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Traffic Safety Consultants' Basic Driver Improvement Program
Newest to be Certified by Michigan Department of State

LANSING, Michigan, November 5, 2012 – The Michigan Department of State has recently certified the state's newest approved provider of Basic Driver Improvement Courses, making available a humorous new alternative to Michigan motorists who want to mask points from their driving records or obtain a discount on their auto insurance premiums.

The new six-hour classroom comedy Basic Driver Improvement Course and the four-hour Internet-based comedy Online Basic Driver Improvement Course were created, designed, and produced by Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc. (TSC). The company for over 35 years has been one of the nation's largest providers of traffic safety education. TSC has developed a variety of professionally-designed classroom and "home study" (Internet, booklet, and video) products, and offers them to drivers nationwide.

In announcing the new programs, Lawrence Gentilucci, TSC's Director of Operations, remarked: "TSC strives to provide programs that are interesting, educational, and easy to use, and our Online Basic Driver Improvement Course is consistent with that theme." He noted that the easy-to-read text is supplemented with informative photos, colorful charts and illustrations, as well as streaming video clips that engage the student and thoroughly explain the subject matter. He also pointed out that the course is peppered with TSC's unique brand of traffic related humor. Most importantly, Gentilucci stressed, the online program is simple enough to navigate that even students who have limited familiarity with the Internet will find it easy to use.

Gentilucci reported that TSC's classroom lesson plans encourage instructors to use humorous anecdotes, educational videos, and visual presentations to aid retention. Students are also provided an illustrated workbook, which closely mirrors the lesson plan and is theirs to keep following completion of the class. He commented:

"We believe that the first law of communication is to get someone's attention, and the first law of education is retention. Our experience has shown that using humor and multi-media learning tools is highly effective in capturing students' attention and enabling them to absorb and retain the material. If making people laugh is the best means to get their attention, ensure they listen while being taught, and remember what they learned, it's a 'win-win-win' situation to propagate safe driving."

Gentilucci said prospective students can register for TSC's program through the website, or by calling toll-free 1-800-878-3294.